During her nearly three decades of professional experience in the education field, Lea has cultivated a set of skills ideal for guiding students on the path to college and career and supporting parents along the way. She’s a skilled communicator, good listener who knows how to ask the right questions, and is passionate about helping young people explore their interests and find their paths to college and career.

As a mom of three young men, she is keenly aware of the excitement and angst that often comes with talk about college. Through her own experiences, she’s gained a healthy perspective on what really matters and how students can put their best foot forward on the path to college.

Even before launching Great Choices College Advising, Lea dedicated herself to serving students and families, including as a student advisor at U.C. Davis, program developer for City University in Zurich, Switzerland, and as a professional writer and communications consultant for Berkeley’s public schools. Lea holds a B.A. degree from U.C. Davis and an M.A. in Education from San Francisco State University; she earned a professional certificate in College Admissions and Career Planning from UC Berkeley.

Lea participates in on-going professional development and networking through her membership in the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and abides by the established HECA Standards and Ethics. She is growing her knowledge of international program admissions and building a global network of higher education professionals through the International Association for College Admissions Counseling (IACAC).

Lea is active in her community promoting access to college planning and career development opportunities and has experience supporting students with learning differences. As a first generation college graduate herself, she offers pro bono counseling and coaching to other first gen students. She volunteers on the Board of the Berkeley Public Schools Fund and is committed to ensuring all students have what they need to thrive in school, career, and in life.